HoloLens Experience at CAB

Microsoft HoloLens is a revolutionary gadget developed by Microsoft. It’s a pair of mixed reality glasses that encompasses both  virtual reality and augmented reality. Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal gave Nepali students a chance to experience this awesome piece of tech. Me and my fellow MSPs also got a chance to bring HoloLens to our college, College of Applied Business(CAB) and let students experience the next big step in technological evolution firsthand.

HoloLens Experience was conducted at College of Applied Business for two days on 15th and 18th of September due to large number of interested students. 70 people including students and faculty members got to enjoy the HoloLens. The participants got to play a game called RoboRaid and also got to go on a virtual tour of either Peru or Rome.

Some snaps of the event are given below:


See full album here and here.


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