Katha ra Byatha with Joseph Jeong

On 26th September Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal organized a session of Katha ra Byatha with Joseph Jeong, a Wall Street veteran, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Mentor, Educator. Accompanying him were Amarit Charoenphan, co-founder of HUBBA co-working space in Thailand and Sumit Chakraberty, contributing editor of Tech in Asia. They had all come to MIC to inspire the budding entrepreneurs all thanks to former MSP Ashim Adhikari who met Mr. Jeong at MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

After a short introduction of all three guests, the main event kicked off, that is Mr. Jeong’s talk began.He started off with reasons why startups are needed by nations. According to him startups assist in creation of jobs to creation of wealth to finally a sense of future and control. He also stressed that we are in the initial stages of digital revolution and the careers of tomorrow require a totally new set of skills which cannot be taught in schools.

Mr. Jeong also made quite an impact on the audience with his statement that “Education of now makes you good at taking tests”. When we think about it, it’s true isn’t it? He then went on to compare between the traditional methods of learning to what he called “FutureHack” learning method, traditional learning being what we do now. In FutureHack Learning Path, according to Mr. Jeong, a learner first discovers tools of learning then goes on to find his passion, gets mentorship from community, gets a meaningful career and changes the world.

He then shared some tips on how to FutureHack our lives where the main point he focused on was on how to set and achieve “Moonshot Goals”- goals so far reaching that it seems impossible to achieve it. He then shared his own life story to us and illustrated how he managed to achieve his Moonshot Goal of being a WallStreet Investor without having any wealth or connection to his name.

After his talk, we had a short question and answer session where all three of the guests answered queries of the audience. Then, we moved onto an impromptu Ideation session.

The audience was broken into 8 groups of 6 people each and were asked to come up with a crazy and innovative solution for the loadshedding problem in Kathmandu within 10 minutes. We were asked to visualize the solution as if budget was of no issue to us. Then each group came forward and presented their idea to the mass. Even though the session was abrupt, audience members came up with quite creative ideas ranging from Geothermal energy to windmills to energy production due to gravity. The most crazy and creative idea according to me was that of team Impact where they proposed to turn every action that we perform into electrical energy.

After the ideation session the program came to an end with a round of photo session with the guests.



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