DFID Digital Day

The use of technology is growing every day in every sector and every part of our lives. Noting this, Department For International Development (DFID) also recognized the value of technology in implementing their plans and policies. Hence, they organized the DFID Digital Day to bring together passionate practitioners and enthusiasts to learn, acknowledge and appreciate the use of digital technologies in development activities.

DFID Digital Day was held on 30th August at British School. Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal was the main partner for the event and so 9 of us MSPs (Anjal, Anjana, Anish, Kabindra, Puja, Ranjan, Neha, Prabesh and me) were chosen as volunteers for the event. Our main task was to aid in the registration of the guests and also to tweet and blog about the day.

The day consisted of 4 sessions:

Session 1 : A panel discussion on Digital in Development Challenges and Opportunities where panelists talked about digital interventions in development work, locally and globally.

Session 2 :  Local Success Stories where we got to hear from 3 local startups: Sastodeal, Possible Health and Open Street Mapping.

Session 3 : Frontier Technologies which was an hour long presentation by MIC Country Director Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar where we got to see many new or emerging innovations that were developed either from Microsoft or by students in various Appathons. Some technologies displayed were: Jumping Sumo, Dibyadristi, Micosoft HoloLens and MicCopter.

Session 4 : Digital marketplace where the participants went around and interacted with 15-20 exhibitors showcasing the use of digital tools and technologies in practice. Various organizations from the public, private and development sectors were invited to display their work and interact with the guests.

Read more here.

Some snaps of the day:

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
MSP Volunteers with the Organizers

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