MSP Meeting with LJ

On 17th August MSPs of Kathmandu were called for a meeting with Li Jung Chiu (or LJ as she’s lovingly called), Audience Evangelism Lead of Microsoft Asia Pacific. Also accompanying her were Magnus Martensson and Prabhjot Bakshi, Microsoft Regional Directors from Sweden and India respectively. All of them were invited to Nepal for the DevTech Day organized by MIC Nepal and they agreed to talk to MSPs.

But before the guests arrived, Junu mam of MIC briefed us about her work in MIC Nepal and also told a little about how we, as MSPs are expected to behave. We also had a short presentation by members an NGO, Gwahali For Differently-Abled People (GDAP) who are working working in the areas of community development and empowerment of differently-abled people. They told us about their ongoing and past projects and also invited us to a charity showing of Kalo Pothi to raise funds for their initiative.

After the presentation by GDAP, our guests had arrived and LJ mam came up first to talk about how to be an MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional). After her, Magnus sir talked to us little about Microsoft Azure and the Global Azure Bootcamp, which is a global one day deep dive class to help thousands of people get up to speed on developing Cloud Computing Applications for Azure. After that, Prabhjot sir told us about his jump from a non-IT sector to IT after his encounter with internet for the first time. He also talked a little about the growing use of IoT devices in today’s world.

We also had a little interaction session where all of the participating MSPs gave a short introduction of themselves to the guests after which we had a short panel discussion with the guests where they talked about the emerging trends in IT sector and gave us a guidance about our future career path. Our guests agreed that the future of IT are in Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning and gave us few real world examples of it. LJ mam also talked about her experiences as two times Imagine Cup finalist and gave us ideas about how to succeed at Imagine Cup.

The meeting ended with a round of photo session with the guests.


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