How to Activate studentpartner MSDN Subscription

We all know about the various benefits we can get from the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) subscription like the developer tools, $150 Microsoft Azure subscription every month, access to thousands of Microsoft products (about 11 TB of it), access to MSDN community and many more. Being an MSP, we get a free MSDN subscription.

This blog post is all about how to activate your studentparter MSDN subscription. I hope this helps you easily activate your subscription. Just follow the steps below:

  • Go to and log in with your student partner account (eg.
  • You will be taken to your Office 365 homepage. Click on the mail in the apps provided there. Alternatively, you can just go to (Remember, takes you to your Microsoft email mailbox while takes you to your Office 365/studentpartner mailbox).

office 365.PNG


You’ll see a mail saying “Activate your MSDN Subscription Now” like the one selected below. Click on the Activate your Subscription link.










  • You’ll be taken a page that asks you to sign in with your Microsoft account. Remember to sign in with your Microsoft account (eg.,, and not the studentpartner account.
  • After that, the page that opens will ask you to fill in your name(first and last) , email address and subscriber ID.


  • Fill it in according to the information given in the email inviting you to activate your subscription.
  • Click next. Read the License Notice and Default Agreement and click on Agree button. Or just click the Agree button because who even reads the license agreement. Right?

And voila! Your MSDN subscription is activated. Enjoy the benefits!









5 thoughts on “How to Activate studentpartner MSDN Subscription

  1. Sagun Raj Lage says:

    If you would like to use your Student Partner account, you’ll have to make it a Microsoft account by registering for a new account at and keeping the email ID as your ‘’ account.


    1. anshukira says:

      Thank you. I didn’t know that. I rather prefer using my studentpartner account and Microsoft account separately so my method works for me.


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